Ancestors of Hannah Mae Anderson

Twenty-fourth Generation


13381632. Nicholas SPOFFORTH was born in 1265 in Warwick, England. He died in 1313. He married Dyonysia De PLUMPTON. [Parents]

13381633. Dyonysia De PLUMPTON was born in 1270 in Warwick, England.


13381634. William CASTELAY.


13408832. William De WILBURGHAM was born about 1300 in Radnor, Cheshire, England. He died about 1363. He married Cecilia about 1339. [Parents]

13408833. Cecilia was born about 1304 in Radnor, Cheshire, England.


13408834. John Or Thomas De HULME was born about 1318 in Of Radnor, Cheshire, England.


16515072. Sir John de Johnston.John married Marjory Leichten or Leighton. [Parents]

16515073. Marjory Leichten or Leighton.


16515206. Robert III Stewart King of Scotland was born in 1337. He died on 4 Apr 1406. He married Annabella Drummond. [Parents]

16515207. Annabella Drummond. [Parents]


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