Ancestors of Hannah Mae Anderson

Twenty-third Generation


6690816. Roger SPOFFORTH was born in 1290 in Warwick, England. He married CASTELAY. [Parents]

6690817. CASTELAY was born about 1292 in Warwick, England. [Parents]


6704416. Ralph De WILBURGHAM OR WILBRAHAM was born about 1340 in Radnor, Cheshire, England. He died about 1388. He married Felicia HULME about 1371. [Parents]

6704417. Felicia HULME was born about 1344 in Radnor, Cheshire, England. [Parents]


6704418. Thomas LEIGH OR LEIGHES was born about 1350 in <Of Radnor, Ches., Eng.>.


7618560. John COO was born in 1340 in Essex, England. He died in 1415.


8257536. Sir Gilbert de Johnston.Gilbert married Elizabeth Vas or Vouse. [Parents]

8257537. Elizabeth Vas or Vouse.


8257602. George Douglas Earl of Angus.George married Princess Margaret Stewart.

8257603. Princess Margaret Stewart died in 1458. [Parents]


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