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Athol H. Anderson and Descendents, Family Pictures, and Notes

Athol and Margie 50th

Athol and Margie Anderson on their 50th wedding anniversary.

athol margie young

Athol and Margie early in life.


From Picture notes: Billie, Margie, Athol, and Don Anderson

From Picture notes:

"Taken in 73 - Fall. Athol died Jan. 74.

Caught by 1,2,3 & 4th generation of the A.H. Anderson family on lake of ozarks, near (postmaster's) Don. M. Anderson's place Aug 3rd.

Large cat fish weighed 38 lbs. total weight 85 lbs."

Don and Bill

A picture noted as Don and Bill Athol and Margie Anderson's boys.

Jessie and David

A picture of Jessie Anderson the oldest of the Samuel Anderson family sons with David Anderson, grandson of Jessie's brother Athol and Margie Anderson.