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Samuel Harrison Anderson and Descendents Family Pictures and Notes

Audio recording of Earl Anderson 1979 - Youngest son of Samuel and Honora:

PDF of scanned document certified by notary regarding family bible. Also included is a document from A.H. Anderson stationary type written by Athol Anderson. I have many more documents and file and files of research and information which I will pubish soon.

Sam Anderson Family

A note card associated with the picture above written by Marcus Hanna Anderson:


Samuel and Anne 

Samuel Harrison Anderson and Anne (Powell) Anderson his 2nd wife and stepmother to the children. Samuel's first wife Honora Oleda (Elkins) Anderson Died in 1902. I am hoping to one day find someone with a picture of Honora Elkins.


Notes from picture: Sam Anderson, Ann (step mother), Earl, Mark, Athol, Alston, (sitting) Kenneth. This is the house where my Grandfather Marcus (Mark) Hanna Anderson was born. Hancock, Pulaski County, Missouri.


Notes from picture: "Just before you open the gate coming from the old place."


A picture approaching the homestead taken in the 70's

Bathroon side

Notes for picture state that this is a side view of the Samuel Anderson home taken in the 1970's. "Bathroom side."


Notes from back of this picture: "The old barn. Just about as good as new. No Fleas there now. Remember when they were so thick?"

old Sam

Samuel Anderson later in life.


Stream near the Samuel Anderson home where clothes were washed.