Ancestors of Hannah Mae Anderson


30277. Margaret Winslow

2nd Wife

30286. Isaac Allerton

5th signer of the Mayflower Compact
Occupation - Tailor

30287. Mary Norris

From The Mayflower and Her Log by Azel Ames:

Sunday Feb25
At anchorage in Plymouth Harbor. Eleventh Sunday in this harbor. Mistress Mary Allerton, wife of Master Isaac Allerton, one of the chief men of the colonosts, died on board this day, not having mended well since the birth of her child, dead-born about a month agone.

Monday Feb 26
At anchore in harbor. Burying party went ashore to bury Mistress Allerton, services being held there.

30336. Edward Fuller

21st signer of the Mayflower Compact

31888. William Bassett II

Came to America from England with wife Elizabeth in 1621